I was born in Giao Tauro, R.C, Italy in 1994, but have been living in Malta for the majority of my life. I’m currently attending the last year of my B.A (Bachelor) in Fine Arts which has left me with no social life and an increase of body weight.

As I mentioned above, I’m a wannabe artist striving to become a real one, with a little bit of  luck and some type of miracle. I find myself to be quite intrigued by the human condition and the themes that revolve around it, which I often question. In turn, this curiosity becomes the starting point of my artworks which are usually paintings, digital, collages, and photography, which is a current new interest.

Mens rights, Sexuality, and Gender are recurring themes within my artworks, which I want  to act as a catalysts for social change. I believe in the equality of both genders, which includes bringing forward the injustices that males face on a daily basis. Ambiguity is as  frequently tackled as the above-mentioned themes, which is usually followed by the use of figures and their relation with one another. I’m fascinated by the different ways people observe and interpret an artwork making it their own, which ambiguity allows.

I welcome you to my blog were I will discuss my thoughts, reflections and artworks to raise my chances of becoming the new Bob Ross.